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Pure Drive Crane Pre-bore
Hydraulic Pre-bore
Auger Press
Hydraulic Static Pile Driver
or Jack in Pile
Pure Drive : Piling

Piling with crane, pile truck, or hydraulic pile hammer is the most commonly used method of hammering. The price is lower than other types of installation and the results are not different.

Pre bore

Drilling with special machines or soil drill for easily installation of piles. This method is used in cases where the soil is obstruct the needle. In order to reach the desired soil layer, it must be grounded to pass through the middle layer of solid soil prior to installation of normal pile and to pile up the hard ground for carrying the weight completely.

Auger Press Drilling and pressing pile in the soil (Only in spun pile)

Soil drilling during pile pressing to reduce vibration. This method will reduce piling to 90% (final hammering only) and also reduce the direct action of soil to the surrounding area. This is because of the soil drilling while having pile installation. It is popular with soft soil, such as area in Bangkok and vicinities and construction sites close to other buildings.

Option : Cement Grout injection to the pile tip is to increase the capability of weight bearing.

Hydraulic Static Pile Driver Pile Press

The pile press works by piling the pile and pushing the pile into the ground. This method is vibration-free installation of hammering and noise-free from hammering. Also referred to as a clean pile installation because of the vibration and noise is less than the boring pile. This pile installation is becoming more popular in urban areas or nearby conservation buildings. Vibration reduction up to 91% and noise reduction of 13% in control, comparing to pile driving.